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Posted by: Ciara Ramos on February 18, 2015

One of our favorite candle lines — Lafco New York has graced us with yet another beautiful new scent. Mint Tisane [ for the Meditation Room ] smells of soothing eucalyptus, basil, sage and fresh mint in this uplifting blend. Warm notes of exotic spice add depth and distinction to a truly unforgettable fragrance. Created with natural essential oil-based fragrances, this candle is richly optimized for a 90-hour burn time. The clean-burning soy and paraffin blend is formulated so that the fragrance evenly fills the room. Each hand blown vessel is artisanally crafted and can be re-purposed to live on long after the candle is finished.

More about the Lafco House & Home story…

‘Already entrenched in the world of high-end perfumery, LAFCO President and founder Jon Bresler and Creative Director Vincent LaRouche noticed the absence of upscale, high quality home fragrance. As they saw it, a candle should complement the mood of a familiar, beloved space never overpower or interfere with it. This need quickly sparked the concept behind the House and Home Collection: “A Candle for Every Room™, A Candle For Every Home.” Jon and Vincent began developing the line, combining luxe fragrance, responsible design, and a technically optimized formula.

The House & Home™ collection tells a story that begins with scent, the most transporting and evocative sense. Each candle is an aromatically curated landscape with its own playful perspective: the simple freshness of the dining room candle enhances the enjoyment of a meal; the notes of soothing chamomile in the Master Bedroom candle promote restful sleep. And, in keeping with LAFCO’s tradition of quality, only natural essential oils are used in fragrances.

LAFCO House & Home candles are made from a 100% vegan, custom blend of premium soy and paraffin waxes: more than simply a vehicle for distributing fragrance, the base is richly optimized to burn cleanly and evenly, for 90-100 hours. LAFCO’s wicks are made of pure, untreated cotton, and have a unique self-extinguishing feature for added safety.

The final chapter of the House & Home story is the exquisite custom art-glass. Each candle is displayed in a hand blown glass vessel whose chic, simple lines and vibrant colors will modernize any space. These vessels are shaped to hold a generous 16 oz and stay cool to the touch, burn after burn. And a commitment to responsible design ensures that, long after the wax has burned, the glass can easily and safely be reused: House & Home candle vessels have enjoyed 2nd lives as visually stunning vases, drinking glasses, and decorative accents.’ –

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