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Posted by: Ciara Ramos on June 6, 2016

The Fragrance profiles of Naomi Goodsir Parfums

Iris Cendré

‘Une fleur sacrée, a foolish heart, obscure clarté majestic messenger, REMEMBER.’

Floral Oriental (2015)

A fresh floral tone, led by bergamot, tangerine & spices. A rich incense & powdery heart of violet & iris. Sensuality is enhanced by cistus, tobacco & amber.

by Julien Rasquinet


Cuir Velours

‘Velvet skin, a gloved hand, souvenir d’une fleur, d’immortelle, stems of tobacco & rum, fortuitous rencontre.’

Oriental Leather (2012)

A deep & textured perfume, that evocatively encases the skin like a soft velvet suede. A tobacco atmosphere supported by notes of rum, cistus labdanum, incense & fleur d’immortelle.

by Julien Rasquinet


Bois d’Ascese

‘A secluded chapel, blazing dusk, moment of grace, divine smoke, silent cantique.’

Incense Woody (2012)

A captivating & reassuring smoke. Notes of tobacco & whisky are supported by cinnamon, amber & cistus labdanum. Oakmoss, smoked cade wood, almost burnt, prolong the incense of Somalia with power & elegance.

by Julien Rasquinet


Or du Sérail

‘Citadel of murmurs, forbidden fruit, voleur de nuit, voluptuous delicacy, rêveries Orientales.’

Oriental Tobacco (2014)

A gourmand & textured perfume, evocative of a golden tobacco. An ambery, woody, musky & greedy composition.

by Bertrand Duchaufour


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