Celine Daoust


Passionate since her childhood by fine gemstones and their energetic powers Celine, a trained goldsmith, has never ceased to develop her vision of jewelry. Carrying stories and universal symbols, the jewels approach the sacred evoking an almost totemic soul. Through marrying her love of stones and spirituality, Celine’s designs tell a story of travel between Jaipur, Paris, and Brussels – each city at the heart of her inspirations along with the stones she unearths on her adventures to offer us a range of refined and colorful creations. From inception to stone setting, Celine works side by side with her trusted indian craftsmen, using their ancestral craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. Every piece is handcrafted in 14k gold, set with carefully selected ethically sourced gemstones. All diamonds are natural, conflict-free, and Kimberly certified. It is this craftsmanship, perfectly imperfect, unique and passionate giving Celine Daoust Jewelry its signature character.

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