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The workshop where Papier d’Arménie has always made its Armenian paper following the craft tradition is in Montrouge in the Paris suburbs. There are several stages in the manufacturing process, which involves 12 people, eight at the workshop, lovingly producing the little booklets, under the painstaking eye of the head of the lab. It all starts with the health-giving styrax, the best benzoin resin, delivered in the form of tears, two tonnes of which is imported by the workshop every year. Following an unchanging ritual, the resin is dissolved in alcohol for two months. The fragrance extracts are then added. A special absorbent paper is then soaked in the resulting mixture, an entirely manual job, carried out sheet by individual sheet. Once the soaking and drying and other steps are complete, the sheets are pressed for a month. It is only after this 6-month process that they can be perforated, cut and assembled into covered booklets.

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