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Denver, Colorado

Khus + Khus concept is simple, they believe strongly that plants support the body and mind in healing. They support us in our quest for healing and teach us to heal ourselves. Plants translate their millions of years of evolutionary success into our systems and communicate a bounty of intelligence to us. They have the power to transform our consciousness and open the channels of our minds so that we can recognize the things that impair our peace. One can say they are our teachers and healers, and the state of our health directly correlates with our connection to them. Botanicals play a powerful force in our existence.  This type of sourcing and cultivation they believe imparts a counterintuitive response. Khus + Khus wants to collect the life force energy contained in botanicals and share their healing potential with you, and that requires healthy, ethically grown plants. Khus + Khus uses 100% botanical ingredients, nothing harmful and formulated for particular actions. They formulate to assist the body in calming the nervous system, enhancing the skin and regulating the immune system. Khus + Khus believes healthy plants heal and Phyto-Medicine are the future of health and skin care.

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