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i Profumi di Firenze’s fragrance line is filled with beautiful, pure scents and an amazing story to match.

In 2003, Artist Miryana Babic was traveling in Florence and stumbled across a tiny perfumery where the fragrances were hand-blended in small batches with floral and botanical essences from Italy and around the world. She picked up a bottle of Caterina de Medici by i Profumi di Firenze, dabbed it on her wrist and was smitten. The line, based on recipes commissioned by 16th century Queen of France Catherine de Medici, is crafted from the same ingredients used during the Renaissance.

The fragrance collection came about with an amazing discovery. After the historic Florentine flood of 1966 a perfumer named Dr. Giovanni di Massimo found Catherine de Medici’s secret perfume formulas in a Renaissance manuscript in a cubbyhole in the basement of his apothecary. Remarkably, the water from the flood hadn’t touched it. Buried for centuries, the secrets of the Queen’s perfume formulas remained in tact. Dr. di Massimo carefully recreated these Renaissance fragrances using only all natural ingredients and his exclusive methods of essence extraction. The collection of perfumes includes other Florentine classics originally commissioned for the Medici Family and blends known to have been popular among the Renaissance nobility.

When she returned to her home in Santa Monica, California, Miryana couldn’t forget the scents or their story. A few months later, she began importing the collection of perfumes.


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