Francesca Lacagnina

Seattle, Washington

Seattle jewelry designer Francesca Lacagnina was born in Italy to an Italian journalist father and American mother where they lived in some of the great cities of antiquity – Cairo, Beirut, Athens and Rome. Both her parent’s sense of style and the rich visual language she was exposed to as a child, have deeply influenced her aesthetics and sense of beauty.

To create her designs, Francesca utilizes the ancient “lost wax” technique. Pieces are sculpted and formed in wax, then are cast in precious metal. Inspired by the classical forms that informed her aesthetics in early life, Francesca weds them with shapes and textures she finds in nature.  Keeping true to her vision and her commitment to ethical standards, she uses recycled gold and ethically mined gemstones. 

“Making jewelry, I found my true medium, where my ideas flow easily. The process of creating pieces that are formed by hand is fluid. The end result is textured and tactile.  I like making pieces that people can wear everyday, that become a part of who they are- and yet have an elemental feel, as though someone has worn them over the centuries.”

The forms of antiquity and nature that find their way into Francesca’s jewelry are transformed by a modern sensibility, into jewelry that’s fresh and contemporary, but never loses sight of its’ roots. Her goal is to create heirloom talisman pieces that are timeless, gathering stories and spirit until they are passed on. 

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