Posted by: Ciara Ramos on April 20, 2016

Mykonos12 : The essence of the sea

‘…redolent of the dew covered blossoms and shrubbery indigenous to this idyllic island, creating a dream like moment of escape. The morning moss covered cliffs fragrantly uplifting evocation of a lazy, sun-drenched summer holiday on the Aegean Sea.’ This fragrance is comprised of Florentine iris absolute, jasmine, Mediterranean bergamot, neroli, galbanum, flowering wild thyme, chios mastiha and Adriatic oak moss.

More about Maria

After accepting an offer as the fragrance marketing director at a prominent menswear design house in 2009, I knew a big adventure had just begun. I moved to New York City— while continuing to run my own Seattle-based home fragrance brand Anthousa, a bi-coastal year filled with thousands of miles across country. While living in NYC I met and began working with some of the most celebrated perfumers in the world. As I entered into this inner circle of distinguished perfumers the pinnacle moment was a birthday gift. A single bottle of the most delicious, magical potion I had ever experienced, made for me – the essence of the flower, from most passionate master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, of the Swiss fragrance house, Givaudan®. Now named Fleur09 — the essence of the flower, it immediately became my most adored scent and personal treasure. The more I wore it, the more it became clear it was a treasure that I had to share.  –

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