Fragrance profile: WIT

Posted by: Ciara Ramos on March 23, 2016

Fragrance Profile: Wit by Parfums DelRae

A wonderful spring scent… Wit is ‘Fresh and Radiant. A sublime pleasure.’

Top Notes: Meyer lemon ScentTrek®, Green mandarin, Angelica, Laurel nobile

Heart Notes: Daphne Cneorum ScentTrek® , Jasmine alcoolat, Narcissus, Mimosa, Ylang ylang

Base Notes: Amber crystals, Vanilla resinoid Madagascar, Velvet musk

The Creators: DelRae Roth / Yann Vasnier

DelRae’s inspiration:

“I have always loved to walk. Regardless of where I am, I love to be able to walk from place to place. I discovered the gorgeous, beguilingly fresh Daphne on one such stroll many years ago. It was late February and I was stunned and captivated by these small, intensely fragrant flowers.

Daphne is one of the first flowers to bloom in early spring. Its delicious lemony, neroli scent is such a surprise and delight in the chill and gray of winter. Such a bright and spirited presense. I knew at some point I would devote a perfume in celebration of this very lovely bloom that signals Spring, love and happiness.”

Yann Vasnier on Wit:

“When DelRae asked me to work on her new fragrance, ‘Wit’, I was charmed and very interested. First, with such a fresh, bright, fun and clever name for the perfume. Secondly, a fragrance centered around Daphne, a beautiful flower never really explored before in fragrance, and finally the story of Daphne, a mythical character full of intrigue, imagination and love.”

“With Meyer lemon, Green Mandarin, Angelica and Laurel for their freshness, zest and brightness. The Daphne petals are worked in their lightest form and bring their loving youthfulness. Through ScenTrek®  distillation of the Daphne Cneorum, Jasmine alcoolat and Narcissus absolute, we have captured the truest, most authentic expression of the flowers. Crystallized Amber, Serenolide and Vanilla resinoid anchor the perfume with warmth and depth.”

“So the perfume definitely has what we call ‘de l’esprit’. Voila, Wit!” — Yann Vasnier, Master Perfumer

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