Valentine Goodies from Formulary 55

Posted by: Ciara Ramos on February 10, 2015

Sweet soaps and bath tablets from Formulary 55 make the perfect little gift to treat someone you love this Valentine’s Day. Mix and match scents to create your own little gift set out or grab one that we’ve already wrapped up. These make great Valentine goodies for anyone in your life — family and friends as well as your sweetie.

A little bit about Formulary 55… The small batch bath and body care line began in 1993 out of Cordelia’s (founder & owner) kitchen. She first started out selling her soaps at Farmer’s Markets. Back then her line was called Essential Soaps and she even made the paper she wrapped the bars in. Her business took off and she decided to open up a little shop in Old Burien, Washington. “I never figured I’d be as busy as I was, and I soon started bringing in other products to stock the shelves. Fast forward many years, more locations, a few new businesses, much higher rents… and in 2012 Formulary 55 was born.” — An inspiring story and good reminder to live your dreams and they will become a reality!

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