An exceptional wax and extraordinary scents

Posted by: Ciara Ramos on December 17, 2014

Astier de Villatte candles | St. Germain, Paris

Natural and pure these candles contain neither paraffin nor any petrochemical derivative. Made with oil of soya, secret plants, and a hint of beeswax, they burn beautifully for up to 70 hours. Life is lovely by candlelight, particularly so when that light is emanating from a handmade Astier de Villate candle, whose subtle fragrance can transport you from Naples to Honolulu with the mere strike of a match.

$80 each — These make a perfect gift for the person who has everything or someone who appreciates beautifully crafted, artisan quality products. We just received a new shipment so we’re fully stocked for the holiday!

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