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Red Flower founder Yael Alkalay is inspired by her rich cultural roots, focus on wellness, travel, sustainability, organic botanicals, beauty, ritual and the simple joys in life. She infuses all this and more in her well-thought-out cleansers, exfoliators, mists, oils, creams and other products. Her products are well-regarded because she focuses on natural ingredients and eco-consiousness. Two of Yael’s lines are influenced by the culture and tradition of ritual bathing, specifically, Japanese bathhouses and Turkish hammams. Nature, a third product collection, is made of exceptional ingredients from earth and sea. Alkalay’s message is a resounding “Slow down, rejuvenate and renew.” In other words, stop and smell the (red) flowers. We offer the Red Flower Japan products that purify, energize and soften, and Red Flower Hammam products for healing, detoxifying, relaxing and centering. Each line has a seven-step ritual. For the full, languorous experience, follow all seven steps—or, listen to your body’s needs and use the products independently. The Nature collection features bath and body choices including sea salt scrubs, massage oil and ionizing toners. There is so much to experience…

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